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What I really took away from Amman…a little leopard in my life!


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Deep Thanks| شكرا

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I’ll miss home

20130121-150919.jpgThere are many reasons to love where one was born. Spending time in my birth city, the city that I love, a city that I still own a house always is re-energizing. I have been away from my family for 7 weeks now. This traveling life style/work style has literally opened the world to me. This time last year I was tucked away in enchanted Edinburgh, and last month I was teaching at a refugee center in Amman expanding what it really means ‘to do’ yoga and adding some Za’atar to my life.


It is only fitting that my final stop as a long-term traveling yoga teacher in right here at home. Can we all say OM cycle?

Tomorrow is my last morning teaching and my first night of graduate school. Deepest thanks to ALL. I’ll still be teaching in Farmville and the occasional workshop. Please stay in touch and stay engaged in practice.

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Look of love


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This Weekend @ Yoga Garden Narberth!!! See y’all.

Inside Out and Upside Down: An afternoon of twisting and inverting • With Jill Manning

Looking for a shift in perspective this year? This fun and adventurous
afternoon will have you unpacking some asanas that, over the years, may
have intrigued you, but were equally parts confusing, intimidating, and
down right frightening. Poses like, marichyasana C and D, yoga
dandasanaana, pasasana, pincha mayurasana, along with an exploration of 7
headstands…yes! 7!

Some yoga experience helpful as this will a challenging afternoon full of
sweat and sweetness.

Inside Out and Upside Down
Saturday, January 19 • 12:00 – 3:00pm

Breath, Bandha and Backbends • With Jill Manning

Most students associate bandha work with the more “floaty” aspects of a
practice. In this afternoon workshop we will make visceral connections
that previously had only been intellectual concepts. The student will
unlock breath as the highway to bandha, and bandha awareness to happy back
bending. Some of the more challenging back bends that will be workshop
include: eka pada rajakapotasana, kapotasana A and B, and vrschikasana.

Some yoga experience helpful as this will a challenging afternoon full of
sweat and sweetness.

Breath, Bandha and Backbends
Sunday, January 20 • 12:30 – 3:30pm

Attend both workshops with Jill Manning for a special price of $70. Please call 610-664-2705 to register for both.


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New friend.


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Student- Teacher, Teacher-Student

After my first trip to Mysore my teacher said to me that the greatest compliment to his teaching is for his “students” to make their own journey to Mysore. I still very much consider him to be my teacher but now we share a yoga home, yoga teachers, authorization and so much more. It is the job of any teacher to empower the student. It is of highest importance that this relationship is truly that- a relationship- even better an adult relationship.

One such student that has been influence by my own transformation/experience/and fearless drinking from the source is now having HER Mysore moment. She has cut out the middle men and women and had her toes open on that strangely arranged rug and is having her mind blown at every turn. I wish all students had her complete open heart and total lack of ambition….no, “will I get authorized rubbish.”

Here is the link to her blog:


I hope y’all enjoy as much as I am.

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