Love Notes

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“Thank you Jill!  You have started me on a Mysore journey!” -Edinburgh

“Thank you for being a wonderfully peaceful & patient & powerful force in the early morning.” – Edinburgh

“You have been a huge yoga inspiration, thank you for dosa, all of your smiles and wise yogi advice.” – Edinburgh

“You have helped my practise tremendously! Beyond the physical I also thank you for bringing the energy of Mysore and the great lineage to us and for committing so much of yourself for our benefit. You are an inspirational teacher.” -Edinburgh

“……you are the first teacher I have learnt with that has had the bottle to check if I’m a butt pincher! Hehehe and how my sacrum thanks you for it!”-Edinburgh

“Thanks so much for all your guidience and PATIENCE.  Learning with you was a perfect start to 2012.” -Edinburgh

“Thanks for teaching me so much…I couldn’t have found a finer first Teacher.  Come back!  I miss you already!.” -Edinburgh

Dark and early has been made easier by your inspiring presence.” -Edinburgh

“I love you Jill Manning.” -Edinburgh

“Haste ye back” -Edinburgh

“Thanks for all the ….chatting, chanting, ins, outs, binds, bends, ups, downs, backward rolls, millions of metaphors, and most of all for ALL the energy you bring.” -Edinburgh

“You rock!” Arlington, VA

“Thanks for the insight and humor—it makes the Mysore practice feel so light!” Arlington, VA

“This has been awesome.” Arlington, VA

“Jill- WOW! Thanks! Love You!” Arlington, VA

“Jill! You are a gifted teacher.  Love having you here.  You totally unlocked my setu bandhasana and cakrasana. XXOO” Arlington, VA

“So many golden nuggets this week….I will be dropping many Jill-isms on my students for weeks, months, years to come.  You are gorgeous my friend!!! XO” Arlington, VA

“WOW- What a gift!” Arlington, VA

“love you! come back soon!” Narberth, PA

“thanks for your dedication and care.” Narberth, PA

“thank you for all your guidance and wisdom you share…..I am looking forward to evolving in my practice.” Narberth, PA

“soft is the new hard….much love” Narberth, PA

“…your words are always with me, inspiring me.  I have found a love in my practice and realize how much it truly means to me…THANK YOU!” Narberth, PA

“amazing.” Collingswood, NJ

“kaivalya=alone=freedom…you rock” Collingswood, NJ

“Jill!!! Thank you so much for another inspiring week.  SO much to work on…until next time…hugs!” -Philadelphia, PA

“spring IN”-Philadelphia, PA

“…what a gift you give to students, to me and the earth…..and so much heart, thank you for giving so freely.” -Philadelphia, PA

“Merci! Merci. Merci ❤ Thank you for sharing your dedication and love to yoga.” -Philadelphia, PA

“Just wanted to let you know how much your teaching impacted me…and how grateful I am.” -Philadelphia, PA

“….You have such a graceful energy–Your practice seems so effortless and light! I look forward to have more of that in my own practice! I hope it is good to be home and that we get to connect again when you return to Philly. Hari Om!…” -Philadelphia, PA

“I miss you.  Where have your morning classes gone?  They made me feel so gooood”. -Philadelphia, PA

“What a treat and pleasure it has been!  Thank you for bringing yourself so fully to your teaching.”  – Arlington, VA

“I wanted to thank you again and I hope to see you soon — you’ve done a great job on sending me on this journey.” – Arlington, VA

“1000 thanks” -Arlington, VA

“thanks for kickin’ my ass this week!” – Arlington, VA

“I was thoroughly delighted and uplifted by my lesson today…..thank you.” – Arlington, VA

“Are you anything short of amazing???!!” – Arlington, VA

“When you get back from India, I am just going to find you, wherever you are, and practice with you.” – Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Your blogging about making the home practice work makes me believe that I can make it work too.” – Portland, OR

” Dear Friendly Guru….it is so wonderful to have you with us again.” -Bridgewater, MA

“I have learned more in two hours than I have in weeks…..I feel reignited.  Lots of love and come back soon.” – Bridgewater, MA

“Thank You! You are a true inspiration.” -Bridgewater, MA

“…amazing class, Jill. Already my practice has leaped forward – bhujapidasana? baddha padmasana? previously unheard of! xoxo thank you!” – Bridgewater, MA

“thank you!…you are a true inspiration.” – Bridgewater, MA

“it is amazing what you have shown me in 3 days!  I cannot wait for the next 2.  Thank You!” -Bridgewater, MA

“Jill, you have opened doors and my heart.  You are a true inspiration.” – Bridgewater, MA

“Jilly-Bean-Thank you for sharing your insight and experience! XOXO” – Bridgewater, MA

“……This past week it seemed as if a light had dawned. I am sure that the asanas are not so dramatically better than at the beginning of the week but I am more into the breath and the concentration has been very satisfying. So Thank-you again. I know that you feel like the messenger but it means a lot to me to know that someone cares to spread this message.” – Bridgewater, MA

“…Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and guide. Thank you for being true to your own path. I admire how you approach this life….” -Philadelphia, PA

“I just have to let you know how I feel today after practice. Like I am floating….Today I felt light, not so nervous to make mistakes or chastise myself for doing so. I just let it be. But that is so largely due to your encouragement, so I am thanking you fully from way in my heart and the tips of my toes for your patience and “yes-you-can-ness.” It has made a huge difference. I’m smiling, and feel more like I get it. Thank you thank you thank you, for everything.” – Brigdewater, MA

“learning about learning this week….thank you!” -Narberth, PA

“another amazing week about discovery and joy.” – Narberth, PA

“thanks again and again……all is coming.” – Narberth, PA

“your chanting has been in my head all week- it was a pleasure to meet you.” – Philadelphia, PA

“Jill…The love is bountiful and ongoing….look forward to seeing you again soon!” – Philadelphia, PA

“workshops with you, somehow it feels like coming home” Collingswood, NJ


2 Responses to Love Notes

  1. Peggy (Margaret) Braly says:

    It was a privilege to take your almost-traditional led Primary class the other weekend in Arlington VA & fun taking “Chit, chat & chai” with you. I’d been missing it lately, being in mostly Vinyasa and Anusara classes. Your compassion and intelligence is appreciated!

  2. Melissa O Morrison says:

    Jill I am sad tomorrow that I am not waking up to another Ashtanga lesson with you tomorrow :0(
    Thank you for all your wisdom and reminding me why I love this practice

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