Here in Central Virginia the change from winter to spring has been slow. I like it. The past two months have been more than a little challenging. I feel like I have been tested on all fronts. I have received some touching emails from students asking when I would return to teaching. Some very tantalizing teaching offers have also come my way. My patience is being tested and my endurance to sit with all that is uncomfortable and unknown is at an all time high, no yoga asana has ever tested me in these ways.

I sit and wait, study and practice. Did I mention wait, and wait. Maybe all the years on the shala bench are proving to be the real teacher?

Change is my personal theme for the month of April. I have some plans in the works to implement changes on all fronts body, mind, and spirit. I’ll be sharing all month with this blog. See you around!!!

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2 Responses to परिणाम

  1. meagen satinsky says:

    look forward to reading everything you share! xo

  2. Heidi Straight-Legs Kuehne says:

    I love that you are living your own life. Easy to say, hard to do.

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