I’ll miss home

20130121-150919.jpgThere are many reasons to love where one was born. Spending time in my birth city, the city that I love, a city that I still own a house always is re-energizing. I have been away from my family for 7 weeks now. This traveling life style/work style has literally opened the world to me. This time last year I was tucked away in enchanted Edinburgh, and last month I was teaching at a refugee center in Amman expanding what it really means ‘to do’ yoga and adding some Za’atar to my life.


It is only fitting that my final stop as a long-term traveling yoga teacher in right here at home. Can we all say OM cycle?

Tomorrow is my last morning teaching and my first night of graduate school. Deepest thanks to ALL. I’ll still be teaching in Farmville and the occasional workshop. Please stay in touch and stay engaged in practice.

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One Response to I’ll miss home

  1. eek! says:

    I’ve been behind on your blog. Congrats on returning to school! What will you be studying?
    Hope all is well

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