Today is my last day in Amman. What an incredible two weeks. I have no words, but I predict if you see me in Philadelphia I’ll gush about the people, the place, the practice and the pure love sitting in my heart. While this was my first trip to the Middle East I can safely say it will not be my last.

I have been getting loads of notes about my Philadelphia schedule so I thought I’d put it all right here on the home page for citymouse. This will be my last stop in the area for some time as I prepare to wok on  my practice, and begin a Master’s program in VA. I look forward to seeing as many students as possible….Insha’llah.Rotation of 122912 037   

Daily Mysore @ Shanti Yoga Shala, Philadelphia, PA
3rd January – 23rd Januray
M-F 6.30am-9.30am
Sunday Traditional Full Led Primary 9.30am

Yoga Revolution @ Yogawood, Collingswood, NJ
Sunday, 6th January 1-4pm
At Yogawood we consider a big class taught by a senior teacher that includes chanting, meditation, powerful asana practice, and enough time for you to really go deep into your practice so you can see what’s it’s like to come out on the other side REVOLUTIONARY.

Revolutionize your practice, and maybe even your life!

$40. Pre-register by two days before class!

Inside Out and Upside Down: An afternoon of twisting and inverting @ Yoga Garden, Narberth, PA
Saturday, 19th January 12-3pm
Looking for a shift in perspective this year? This fun and adventurous
afternoon will have you unpacking some asanas that, over the years, may
have intrigued you, but were equally parts confusing, intimidating, and
down right frightening. Poses like, marichyasana C and D, yoga
dandasanaana, pasasana, pincha mayurasana, along with an exploration of 7
headstands…yes! 7!

Some yoga experience helpful as this will a challenging afternoon full of
sweat and sweetness.

Breath, Bandha and Backbends @ Yoga Garden, Narberth, PA
Sunday, 20th January 12.30-3.30pm
Most students associate bandha work with the more “floaty” aspects of a
practice. In this afternoon workshop we will make visceral connections
that previously had only been intellectual concepts. The student will
unlock breath as the highway to bandha, and bandha awareness to happy back
bending. Some of the more challenging back bends that will be workshop
include: eka pada rajakapotasana, kapotasana A and B, and vrschikasana.

Some yoga experience helpful as this will a challenging afternoon full of
sweat and sweetness.



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