(w)ringing it OUT and (w)ringing it IN

Here comes the obligatory old year/new year post. What a year! I started the year tucked away in windy Edinburgh at the start of a 6 week teaching gig and here I sit nearing the end of a two-week teaching service project in Amman, Jordan. I am also nearing the end of this non-stop travel teaching schedule. After I am in Philadelphia teaching daily until the 23rd of January 2013 I am going into yoga teaching semi retirement. I’ll still teach some weekend offerings and classes in Farmville, VA, but I am starting a Master’s program at Longwood University and looking forward to more steadiness in my life.

A friend texted me last night saying that this experience seemed to be a ‘game changer.’ The details of the work live in my heart and haven’t yet made their way to my brain to articulate in writing, anyway so much of this work is from heart to heart. I really needed this. I needed students dressed in trousers and sweaters rather than Lululemon. I needed to see that the practice in its stripped down simplicity worked. As usual the students are my teachers, turning the light back on in my life.

I am overfull with thanks. I’ll be ringing in the New Year at Amman’s airport. I wish everyone a year filled with magic, mystery, and method.

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