CRP days; Arabian Nights

Most people who know me think of me as a bit of a sleep dictator. My college roomie knew it, and my husband definitely knows it. he is fond of saying, “Jill’s down, everyone down. Jill’s up, everyone up!” My day is largely spent at CRP teaching yoga. The groups yesterday were overflowing. I guess that is a good thing now that everyone has worked with us at least once. Word has gotten out and people are having an experience that they would like to repeat. directions

I want to stay. I want to continue this work. Working with the men is great. They are so respectful and earnest, but it is the women who are killing me. They practice, chit-chat, apply make up, dance, laugh, cry, and the release is bigger than any wave I’ve been engulfed in.

My night are…well…late. Amman is a busy and vibrantamman metropolis. We are staying on Amman’s west side that is properly hip. Liana and I hang with our hosts and don’t get to bed until at least midnight. The late nights and the long days are totally worth it. Although I am looking forward to earlier bed times in Philadelphia.

Don’t worry that it is all work and no play. Friday we will head to Petra and travel to see the Dead Sea.

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