Jill, 12/22/12

Glancing down at my phone I notice that is already December 22. Last month I was celebrating my birthday and Thanksgiving, attempting with out much success to retire before 2013 from teaching yoga, and wrestling with my future. I was also really excited about this trip to Amman. As the day of departure crept closer my excitement turned into nerves and then in the final days before take off the nerves turned into pure panic. I have never taught yoga to non-English speakers. Never have I worked with groups suffering from such trauma. “Been to the Middle East?……uh nope.” What have I found since my arrival?

The time spent at the CRP flies. We start teaching at 1pm and see three groups, men, women, and teens. The teens are spilt between girls and boys. The men are very serious and earnest, and I think pretty sure Liana and I are a tad bit loopy asking them move their bodies in such ways. The women’s warmth for each other and for us is overwhelming. Even those who are obviously deeply sad when we start practice brighten up, giggle, tease, and rest completely in savasana.

I am looking forward to next week. Now all the groups have practiced with us a least once and we all have a better idea of how to proceed. Honestly, I have a lot more to swirling in my head. I feel like all my 15 years of practice and nearly 13 years of teaching has brought me to this place. As I take to the mat and practice each morning to charge myself up so I can be strong and flexible and open for everyone at CRP I feel changed.


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One Response to Jill, 12/22/12

  1. Diana says:

    What an incredible experience!

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