Jill 12.20.12

Did I really sleep through call to prayer? These first few days have been a wash with jet lag, nerves, and excitement which had both Liana and I not falling asleep until 3.30am waking up with cal to prayer at 6am and then sleeping again until 9am. After practicing, showering, and organizing the material for the group, oh and let’s not forget about a quick traditional breakfast of hummus, pita, labnah we then worked from 1-6.30pm without much break and little to no food or drink. The days have been long BUT beautiful. working along side of Liana is pretty…..well I am very lucky to have such an experienced, relaxed, knowledgeable and kind leader.

Each day I am excited to get to the center. Although I am pretty happy to have two days off and visit the country side get some hiking in and fully reset my clock (just in time to come back to the States!)

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