From Liana

We are here in Amman, cozy in Amanda and Samer’s house, preparing this morning for our first round of classes at the Collateral Repair Project’s community center.  What I am feeling most profoundly other than deep exhaustion is that we will know what to do when we arrive at  CRP this afternoon.  On a gut level, I am sure that our presence, our listening, our powers of observation, our collective years of experience, and our strong intention will guide us tomorrow and throughout these two weeks.

We will keep it simple, allowing the practices themselves to land in the body.  We will use as few words as possible, allowing the individual and collective experiences to be what ultimately lead this group of individuals to transform and heal.  I do not know how this is all going to come together.  I don’t know yet what we will decide to throw away from Day One and what we will keep.

I do trust that we know how to be present with people as they show up.  I know that we are skilled at observing and changing course as the tides guide us.  I know that these practices continue to heal and transform me and that the best and most honest thing I can do these two weeks is to be aware of what comes up in me, moment by moment, as I teach and share these practices.   I am excited, nervous, even a bit afraid.  It is my intention to show up fully today and every day with compassion, love, and hope in my heart. Check back later for updates and photos from our first couple of days.

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2 Responses to From Liana

  1. Nancy Brooks says:

    Hey Liana,
    Thinking of you. Glad you got to Amman okay, though it sounds like it was an arduous trip. I loved reading your blog entry. I hope you get a chance and the inspiration to write as things go along and will look forward to following your adventures — if not as they unfold, then when we get back from our trip. Please give all my best to Amanda and Samer and Jill.
    Love and hugs, Mom

  2. Liana Brooks-Rubin says:

    Hi Mom,
    We all miss you very much and hope you a great trip.
    We hope you do well.
    Eli and Adiv

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