om in ammanI know that this picture is upside down, but that is exactly how I feel at this moment. In a few hours, my friend and head of the OM in Amman project will be heading to Amman, Jordan. We are equally excited and overwhelmed by what is waiting there for us. Our intention is to share some yoga practices and simple mind/body awareness techniques to a vast assortment (men, women, teenagers) of Iraqi refugees making their home there.

I have no idea what this experience will look or feel like. I am bringing my nearly 13 years of teaching experience and my 15 years of practice knowledge. I still feel scared. When I was on a train from London to Scotland I never in my wildest imagination thought that teaching could be so large and world door opening. Now heading to Amman I am astonished of how far this practice has taken me.

ready…steady….here we go!




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2 Responses to Ready….Steady…..Amman

  1. aumandprem says:

    Have an incredible time Jill. Can’t wait to hear about your experience there.
    Love Fi x

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