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(from Liana!)

In December, I will be heading to Amman, Jordan to provide a two-week mind-body awareness training for Iraqi refugee women in collaboration with a local grassroots organization, Collateral Repair Project.  Collateral Repair Project provides humanitarian assistance, community-building activities, and a safe gathering place to the world’s largest urban refugee population.

This project is a culmination of my long-term dream to combine a decade’s work with refugee populations throughout the Middle East with my years of experience as a teacher of yoga, meditation, and other mind-body healing modalities.

My focus will be on empowering participants by teaching them new skills related to wellness and self-healing.  Specifically, I will introduce basic breathing, meditation techniques, and simple yoga postures in classes for Iraqi women, men, and teenagers to promote improved mental and physical health. I will also provide training for the CRP staff and develop a practice manual to ensure the sustainability of this effort.

I am seeking to raise $4,000 by November 30.  Your contribution of ANY AMOUNT will help support: manual printing costs; yoga supplies for the community center; and travel costs for me, another outstanding yoga teacher, Jill Manning, and an assistant, Emily Cooper who is a fellow Oriental Medicine colleague with experience in international health.  Donors who give $100.00 and up will receive (upon my return) a special handicraft made by one of the Iraqi refugee women at the community center.  In addition to your financial support, another HUGE way you can make an impact is to get the word out about this project to your friends, families, and larger networks.  Your support of any kind is invaluable and will help to make a big difference in the lives of these women and their families.

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One Response to Please donate/share!

  1. Annette says:

    I’ll be contributing my dear Jillji! See you next month!

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