Inner Journey

New month, new manifestations.  I am going on an inner journey.  This time last month I was faced with the very difficult task of leaving Mysore.  It is always a challenge to say goodbye to India, but this trip I was physically unwell.  I was so sick that I doubted if I would make it through the long and intense journey.  This physical state echoed (which is almost always the case) my mental and emotional states.  I felt confused about the path and I doubted the process.  Just the other morning I said to my husband, “why did I choose this path?”  To which he replied, “Jill, it is the path that chooses us.”  So here I find myself walking the path that chose me.

Last week started the first ever morning Mysore group in Farmville, VA.  I am working with 5 eager students in the Mysore method… the early morning.   It is very exciting!  I am also in the process of setting up some baby roots here, working at a local art gallery, volunteering, and studying.  It is a serious yoga cliché but it is true.  You really need to root to rise.  All Ashtangi’s know this, put a little prana on the 1st series,  the roots and heart of the practice, and look out!  I taught a workshop in Philly about the power of tapah.  It is more than sweating it out although it is that too, it is a diligent spiritual pursuit.  They say that tapah can move  mountains in you and in others.  It is also an alone practice.  You are the only one who can do it for yourself.  So I am dedicating this month to going in, moving the mountain, and getting alone with it.

This is the path.  It chose me.

I’ll be tending to this blog more as well this month.  I hope to update my teaching schedule soon.  I’ll be back in the Philly area the first week in November and co-teaching with my friend and fellow authorized Ashtanga teacher Tova Steiner  at Little River Yoga in Arlington, VA this November.

Please let me know what is on your mind this month as we slide into darker days and brighter practices.

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