Back to the mat!  I am trying to remember where I left y’all off on my most intense re-entry from India…..ever!  I am currently sitting in Milk Boy Coffee in Ardmore drinking a cappuccino that cost about 200 RS and all bundled up in various pieces of post India wear.  Tomorrow night will be my one week back in the USA and I’ve already experienced so much, and slept in so many different beds.  Seeing my husband was, at this point like a dream.  I miss him even more now, but teaching….teaching is filling me with joy.  I returned to my asana practice on little fawn like legs last week, but now I am feeling all the seeds flowering that were planted in the south Indian sun.  The Mysore group is in full swing at Yoga Garden.  The students are a constant reminder that if you pour a little on prana on something it produces results (quickly.)  I wish I had two weeks with this group.  If you are missing the super shakti shine on the Main Line there are still many chances to get your practice/teaching skill sharpened.

* Friday afternoon we will be stoking fire, playing edges, and I will provide homework for students to work with at least until spring!

*  This weekend over in South Jersey at Yogawood I will be giving a workshop on hands on adjustments.  Someone just asked about my adjustments and she said, “how did they get sooo good?” …come I’ll give you all I have to give!

Check the schedule page and come out to practice (so you don’t have to send me the “Jill!  Philly yoga isn’t the same without you!” email.)  I will not be in the area again until spring.

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