Transition Position

I had this whole blog I wrote in my head my last day in Mysore.  I wrote it in my head because my body couldn’t do anything without requiring a three-hour nap immediately after.  After Sunday’s led intermediate class I slid into a sickness that within 24 hours would present me with an, “I am leaving Mysore experience” I never hope to endure again.

By Tuesday I had to face the reality that this transition out of India was going to require a level of toughness that I was seriously in doubt existed at all in my body.  After a day in bed I decided to go and say goodbye to Sharath and let him know where I was the last two days.  This required as did the journey to take one final bucket bath.  Lifting the small pink bucket over my head was so exhausting.  When I finally made it into the shala I waited….like I’ve done hundreds of times in my life.  When I went into the office I just started welling and then came the emotional explosion.  I was too sick to be embarrassed and he was staring at me the way a kind man stares at a women in such pain.

The next 24 hours are kind of blur.  Here are some things I have come to know about myself.

toughness requires practice.  That exit might have done some real damage on my first visit to India and definitely would have had me vowing I was never going back.

I can sleep on the floor in an airport.

I make friends that are made of some string and beautiful stuff.

This trip could be called the year of extreme exposure.

Currently I am tucked away in my sister’s house in south Philadelphia and feeling 108 * better.  Now that I am clearly thinking and I so excited about teaching the next two weeks.  It feels like a clarity that only comes from getting through something so unbelievably rocky.

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