Myso(re) called life

It really isn’t fair when a sickness robs you of your appetite on your last two days in India.  I spent all night battling a fever followed by the chills and at around 1am I turned my alarm off for practice.  It was the first practice I’ve missed the whole time here.  I know, what about your ladies holiday?  International travel and my menstruation cycle really don’t like each other.  Do I feel guilty that I missed my second to last practice.  Heck no!  I am happy that I feel even a small amount better and after today’s epic rest I’ll be ready to go into the shala and practice as a goodbye.

I am not ready to say my goodbyes yet.  This sickness is making me really emotional.  After chanting as I said my thank yous to Lakshmish I could feel my face distort into an Angela Chase worthy ugly cry….like from my soul.

Some people make their way here as an investigation, a yoga vacation, or an obligation to their own teacher.  Everyone has and should be allowed to have their journey.  This is my yoga home.  I have stepped into that shala more times than any other shala in the world.  Sharath is my teacher.  Guruji my guide.  Mysore is my ‘home shala’ for better or worse….it is always for the better.  Time spent here is my greatest teaching influence.

While I can sing a Vedic mantra properly and jump from pincha mayurasana to chaturanga dandasana I can’t get my fall newsletter together.  Here are my most upcoming offerings…straight from 6 weeks in the fire to you!



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2 Responses to Myso(re) called life

  1. Mike says:

    Dig that headline

  2. Lu Duong says:

    Hi Jill, hopefully your fever has broken now and you will enjoy a final, light practice before heading off. Thanks for keeping us informed of your Mysore adventures this time around-Lu

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