Gem and Reward

At my final (for now) conference Sharath said many things.  The thing that made me well up and come out of my fever-y haze (yes, I am sick) was this, “we must study our students.”  He also said some other great stuff but due to the fact I felt a wee bit like death I can’t even sit with it let alone report on it.  I am sure I wrote it all down in my notebook….I think?

My final led intermediate was pretty rough.  I feel like (see above), and didn’t sleep hardly at all.  My Charlie dog has kidney stones that will need to be removed like with a scalpel, I was full on crying on the steps waiting for class to being, and when the dust cleared from the first class to ours….only two rows of students….TWO ROWS that is something like 20 or students remained.  No hiding, no fearing, and plenty of being called out by name.  I don’t know how I got through to pincha and when I pulled my mat away, oh no, not today I was given karandavasana, then made to wait and finish with the group.  Headstand was an age and I am a skilled long/timed head stander.  I thought, how will I finish?

I finished and had a reward of chutney(s) at the Hotel Metropole.  I didn’t eat much (see feeling above) but had really nice company at one of my favorite places in one of my favorite cities.  It is just 6pm and I am curling into bed convinced that a fresh lemon ginger tea and a good night sleep will do the trick.

Leaving this land very early Wednesday morning and will be on south Philly pavement by Wednesday evening.

Sending only love from Mysore, the city of gardens and the blooming baby lotus in my heart.

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One Response to Gem and Reward

  1. Sara says:

    I had to google that asana! Pretty crazy jumping back from pincha or the new pose. I don’t know how you can move your arms that fast. I will just be happy that my newest pose is still bakasana…

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