Full bloomage for fall schedule

The monsoon is a character herself in India.  Just now as Mysore was bathed in sun all morning and into afternoon she unexpectedly came and went.  The smell in the air I swear is better than the sea-shore.  When I was last in the unpredictable presence of the monsoon in 2008, I was told in Kerala that the monsoon season is an incredible time for nourishment and growth.  As I ready and steady myself to leave the land that I have made my second home over the last 6 years I feel nourished and the growth that only comes through full surrender and study.

September is going to be a month full of LOVE.  I’ll finish a 6 week period of practice and study.  I have often joked that coming to Mysore is my fill-up at the prana petrol station.  Fill-up I have!  Practice has intensified and illuminated.  After returning to the States I am reunited with my husband and am privileged to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding.  I’ll spend the next two weeks sharing stories, shabda, sutra, and sweat with so many eager and wonderful students in the Philadelphia area.  Please filler-up, I have plenty of prana to pass around.  Then I am back in Farmville creating a yoga community at home, where I hope to stay more in 2013.

I have done some hard work on my mat and in my mind, attempting to always stretch in as much as I stretch out.  I started the year budding in the Scottish winter, and now I feel the full bloom in the rain.



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