week 5

This time next week I’ll be somewhere between here and home.  I read Tim Miller’s blog this week and while he is finishing up an intense two-week training, he contributed this thought,

“The last few days are always the most intense as everyone begins to realize it is all coming to an end and a considerable bonding has taken place over the two weeks. We get to experience the joy of completion and the pain of imminent separation.”

This is exactly how I am feeling.  The joy of completion and the pain of separation.  This trip, this immersion was full of firsts and had me practicing intermediate series daily.  This morning when the alarm went off at 3.50am I thought, “I have no strength, I can not do this again today.”  Walking in the dark in the gentle rain is a sobering experience.  I LOVE the study of yoga.  I am so lucky to have this experience.  I am VERY FULL, teaming over in fact.

This week had some thrills, a very loud and public (shala) spill, and possible the creepiest incident that is still gives me chills.   I have 4 more practices remaining.  I intend to savor them all, the good, the bad, and the early…the very early.

I am flying into Philadelphia and will be teaching until the 23rd  of September.  I hope to see friends, old and new bonding through the practice and study of yoga.  My fire is fully ablaze come ignite or reignite your spark.

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