5 more practices and I am home

I must apologize.  I feel like I have been very brief over the last week.  Time has a way of intensifying at the end in Mysore and that is precisely what has been going on.

On Practice:

Practice has been flowering.  It has also been strong.  Every year I come here thinking if only I had a daily shala to go to, then it is so evident, so clear, I am at home with practice.  Today at lunch someone was saying how they could never have a home alone practice, thank god for their shala.  I said this, if you can practice by yourself you LOVE it, if not you may just like it.

On Packing:

I feel that I have packed and unpacked so many time since the move to Providence in 2008.  Even  this year every time I unpacked from a teaching trip I felt like I turned around and packed right back up again.  There is SO much I am taking with me from these past 6 weeks.  I can’t wait to unpack it in workshops with students.

On Paramparā:

Denotes a succession of teachers and disciples.  In October I will begin my 7th year of daily Ashtanga Yoga practice.  I am proud to have such love and light in my line(age)

On Peach Faced Love Birds:

Well, that is just how I am feeling lately.

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