As an adjective, it means ‘heavy,’ or ‘weighty.

I just returned from registration.  Sitting in his office I feel at ease.  He asks me why I am not staying the full month, and I tell him, I have a special wedding to go to.  Wedding is a word with weight here in India, like husband, or child.  He looks pleased.  He asked me when I was coming back to assist him and I said, “when will you be teaching, I promise I won’t facebook about it.”  I started this trip laughing in his office, and I am closing my time with my teacher with my lightness in such close proximity to his weighty knowledge.

I am trying not to rush the end here.  I still have 9 more practices and two of those are led intermediate.

My whole life has changed through this process of deepening my practice.  I have had to let go of so much in order to experience the vastness that is the yogic tradition.  Without the extremely subtle encouragement of my teacher in the US and the unyielding push and support of my husband….I might have missed the light and the weight.


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  1. Thanks Andrea! I have a horrifying pincha story for you, you’re going to love it! Let’s chat when I get back to the States.

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