After hiding out at the Bird Sanctuary all day yesterday I woke up this morning with an excitement….I am coming home soon!  I have been here nearly one month my cup is spilling over AND I have just over two weeks left.  I can’t wait to bring some of this super super shakti back to my birth city, Philadelphia.  First thought of the morning, “I really need to get a proper newsletter together.”………so after hours compiling my email  list, as of right now I’ve lost the battle with constant contact and now Mail Chimp.  I fear ever having a proper newsletter to send out is hopeless.  I do want to ‘get out’ what I am offering is a bit of a magic masala mix everything from the more outer limbs of yoga (think stretching) to more internal awareness practices (think and stuff.)

I do keep my workshops on the smaller side in an effort to meet students where they are (and just to meet students) provide individual attention in a group setting, so people actually leave feeling like, yes!  I was seen, heard, and spoken to and gleaned some things to continue my development……..go figure?

Here is the juice:

Sunday Night Light Series: 9/9, 9/16, 9/23

Wake Up Yoga, learning and chanting Yoga Sutra 1.33

Yogawood, learning and chanting about the 9 obstacles to practice

Yoga Garden, learning and chanting the 8 limbs of yoga.


Yoga Garden, Narberth, PA

Foundations for Giving and Receiving Hands on Adjustments 9/9/12

Morning Mysore Week 9/10-9/14—-it just might change your practice life, it certainly changed mine!


Wake Up Yoga, Philadelphia, PA Fairmount location

Set Alight!  Tenderizing the chickpea in all of us! 9/14


Yogawood, Collingswood, NJ

Weekend Immersion into Hands on Adjustments 9/15 – 9/16

Hold Me Closer Cosmic Dancer 9/23

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