why does the student go to India?

to get to the other side.

This is the street that I have lived on for the majority of my time in Mysore.  Yesterday I felt crossroads of this time away and today I feel completely crossed over.  Tomorrow is a new moon day so today’s morning practice was led primary.  Now that I only practice primary once a week I so look forward to it.  The closeness established between you and you is pretty evident in this grounding and purifying series of asanas.  There are large sections where you are literally hugging and holding on to yourself, closely.  There seems to be no choice but to start to love and foster a deep acceptance for…well…YOU!  Gratitude for being able to drink from the source each year can’t begin to cover how I feel right now.  I have a wee bit under three weeks to go and while I am really looking forward to coming home and getting back to teaching I am so excited, and curious to feel what will unfold and how it will give nāmarūpa to my practice (always first) and my teaching (always second.)

no practice tomorrow….I am meeting Fi for dosa at 5pm….very big doings.

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