What lies beneath

This picture has been circulating a lot these days.  It seems that there is a clear consensus, an asana practice is just the tip of the iceberg, and if we are to study the subject of yoga we should be more and aware of what is below.  Today in chanting Lakshimish said something like if you change the svara of Vedic mantra’s people will be asking, “who is that stupid person?”  Everyone laughed, but we all heard the distortion, melodic stylings, American Idol versions of such mantras.

Why are yoga students afraid to study the tradition of yoga?  When did it become boring to learn properly and then teach the tradition?  If being an Ashtangi has taught me anything it is respect for yoga, Guru, teacher, India and, even more so for patience.  While I do stretch and sweat it out every morning on my yoga mat under the direction of my teacher, I spend the remainder of the day chanting, studying, sitting and soaking in India so that I can teach what is really important to me…..what lies beneath.

I’ll be home in a month teaching the root of the iceberg, come join me.

Sunday Night Light:

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8 Responses to What lies beneath

  1. Arna says:

    Thank´s for you blog Jill!
    …it´s been wonderfull to follow you here in your journey! See you soon in the soaking, sweating indian yogi life 😉

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks Jill. I have pondered the same questions myself and would love to be able to come practice with you sometime and explore more “the root of the iceberg.”

  3. eek! says:

    So true. We just gotta keep learning…

  4. medici says:

    Jill, what is your opinion about chanting in the vernacular — i.e., like Luther’s change to chanting the Catholic Mass in Latin, designed to focus the intellect on spiritual understanding? I imagine that this has been thoroughly debated in yoga circles, but I am still new to the practice, and I respect your thoughts.

  5. Heidi,
    The Sanskrit language is designed for elevation, the mouth positions create purposeful resonance in the body and tranquility of mind….chanting the versus in English just does not produce the same effect. If you are not comfortable chanting in a unfamiliar language, no worries, the sounds are so powerful that is also produces healing in the listener.

    Happy chanting
    Happy listening


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