Minding It!

I have to admit it.  I was pretty down in the dumps.  It is funny when I arrived the sun was shining, with no trace of rain.  It seemed as off as I was feeling.  So much of how I am feeling here is a direct reflection of the stability or lack there of at home.  In 2007 in the midst of my parents painful divorce I was here…not eating, not sleeping, just doing the best to live my life trying not to take on things I had no control over.  For the past two and a half weeks I had been thrown some curve balls from the Western Hemisphere and again I am reminded that I have no control over others, I can only watch how I internalize and personalize such matters, breathe, and move on.  Always reminding myself, like Shri  Brahmananda Sarasvati taught, to know my business, and like my husband advices…..mind it!

What is my business here?  To aim for my highest, to play my edges, to study myself while I am studying the big picture of yoga, and to return a fully nourished and connected to the source of my lineage and my soul as a teacher…..that is all, ओम् तत् सत्

So this morning I entered into the shala treating led intermediate like the adventure it is, moved forward in my practice, but even further forward in my thinking.  The monsoon has also moved in and with the soft rain and moody skies I am just now starting to settle.  I am very excited what the next three and 1/2 weeks will bring.

Sharath said in conference today, “whenever you fall, you learn.”  I am not afraid to fall and it I believe, what brings students some comfort, and insight from me as a teacher.

Major LOVE from Mysore.

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2 Responses to Minding It!

  1. aumandprem says:

    I’m afraid I’m falling!

  2. I tell you what Guruji advised…”don’t fear.”

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