o·pen·ing | week 2


1. The act or an instance of becoming open or being made to open.

Most asana based aspiring yogis think about the act or art of opening purely in the realm of the physical.  The body being more open, more pliable, and more flexible.  Carefully construction goes into opening the body to prepare for this asana or that asana.  At the end of my second full week here I feel more open than when this journey started.  Yes! I do feel more open in my body but even more so in my mind and heart.  I feel open to the power of possibility and open to whatever may come or not come my way.

2. An open space serving as a passage or gap.

What is the difference between a self-sustained/propelled practitioner and one that feels the need to be constantly and without interruption need to be led?  The self practitioner is willing to enter into a not knowing space…a chasm or gap….and go in to find a way out.

4. A clearing in the woods.

I found myself asking over and over what the heck was I doing back in this place.  Now as I settle into a routine and a pace I see clearly and feel directly how this is changing my relationship to practice, yoga, self and teacher.  I can see the forest through the trees.

10. An unfilled job or position; a vacancy.

I am not sure what I’ll do this January but space has just opened up in my schedule.  I am considering it a blessing.  Maybe I’ll continue to water budding Ashtangis at home? Who knows?

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2 Responses to o·pen·ing | week 2

  1. medici says:

    If this means you’re not coming back to Edinburgh, I’m really crushed.

    Heidi Kuehne

  2. Heidi,
    i am a more than a wee bit crushed too! I am sure that I’ll see y’all again….no doubt about it. Keep practicing! LOVE XOXOX

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