Blue Moon

Before I launch into how much I miss my husband again, let me say that having some really real people here, some that I have known for the whole time I have been coming to Mysore, has been amazing for a socially awkward kind of girl.

Anyway, I am not here to win friends and influence people.  I am here to study, be with my teacher, and rest.  I am here to merge, to place a yoga practice in a larger context for myself and for those that wish to practice with me.  Each trip I watch where my patience frays and where and how my compassion extends.  Each trip to I watch myself, watching the scene.

All the outer practices help develop this witness skill so that when the time comes to get down into it, really into the muck, we are ready to study the subject of yoga and the study ourselves studying the subject.

I almost forgot, I miss my hubs.

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