Conference 1

Sunday is conference day.  On my first trip to Mysore (2006) we would all gather in the big shala and wait for Guruji to emerge.  He would chant and then there would be silence.  Complete silence.  I remember then Guruji saying something to Sharath in Kannada and the Sharath saying something to us.  Very rarely would someone lob a question, and true to the stories Guruji would say practice, practice, practice…..oh and he said a lot that month to eat ghee and drink milk….sorry vegan Ashtangi’s.  Over the last several years Sharath has seem to really grow in confidence and I really look forward to conference.

Last night, by the way I am referring to 4pm as “night”  I think Sharath said the word (s) stability/stable 6 or 7 times over the hour.  He also stressed that change too must occur.

stability & change

He also made mention that yoga students are often on the outside practicing the yamas, and niyamas, but on inside a VERY DIFFERENT practice is going on.

outside vs inside

What really caught my attention, what I am still chewing on came from a question.  It isn’t even really what the question was about.  As this student asked her question she called us   a community, and then asked something about how that will shape the community.   Before Sharath even addressed her directly he said, “we are not a community.  community divides.”  I thought I said unpopular, against the grain things.  Deep down I think I know what he was saying.  I have known many yoga communities to be so exclusive, so dependent on one another, and so unaware that their community feels like a members only club to the general public.  So what happens to the inquiring budding yoga student?….the fear being the outsider, not part of the community and then fear trying out the yoga class/shala.

outside vs inside

Officially these are the most words I have used in the blog since my arrival 6 days ago.  Practice feels great, the shala feels of home, I am pretty sure that these next five weeks will provide me the stability that I seek, so that I can experience a change.

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