the first day….

……is the worst day.  It started on Monday and is continuing even as I type now.  I haven’t had more than three hours of sleep.

that said.  It has been a most beautiful day.  Full of friendly faces, cups of chai, soft summer southern Indian sun, and my first thali since March 2011.

I remember when I registered in July of 2008.  I left and cried.

This registration was a hoot.  Sharath told me that there was no registration for me….and laughed and laughed.  Then this happened.

Sharath : “you do led intermediate last time?”

me: “no, no spilt”

Sharath: Sunday led intermediate

me: “you mean like after two practices?”

Sharath: “ok, ok, you take rest this week….next Sunday, you do!”

Just like that split.  It is going to be a wild ride.

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6 Responses to the first day….

  1. Wonderful! Congratulations! What a nice entry present right there : -) Enjoy!

    • Thanks Claudia. I keep thinking about James and his experience with led primary (in 2011) and I am very nervous about my first led intermediate experience and then the repetition of it from week to week.

  2. Lu Duong says:

    Please update as much as possible, Jill. I am many other of your readers are dutifully living the Mysore experience through these posts.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh how fun!…so enjoying riding this trip along with you, vicariously. Mysore plans for spring 2013 are in place…savings of required cash and vacation days is almostcomplete!

    • Christine! You deserve it! After all the years of you and you, your mind and your mat. Now you can finally say things like, “it too crowded ;), I can’t wait to having more space” just kidding. It’s true there is a magic here in Mysore. Let me know if you need help planning your trip.

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