Welcome to the Jungle!

After a wee break in my teaching/traveling schedule I am about to mount up and do it all again!  Kicking off my teaching season with a trip to see my Indian teacher in what has now become my second home in Mysore, India.  It is sure to be filled with loads of chanting, chit-chat, sweating and surrendering, and a big boost for my body and brain.  I’ll be writing daily and posting pictures so be sure to follow along….I LIVE for comments in India.

But first is a stop in my first home in Philadelphia.  My sister has left me a little love note through a time tested medium of….food!  I hope to get some group practices in see some friends and hand out some Costa Rica post cards.  I know it isn’t until spring 2013 but I am super excited about this retreat and while this is not the place that Wee Yogi and I will be taking y’all it is a raw food yoga retreat and a nice little article about what to expect on such an adventure….check it out!

If that article peaks your fancy be sure to check out the Costa Rica page and ask any questions.

This is the place we are going…I get happy just looking at the photos.



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