…nice post about commitment from Rhodie Ashtangi, Micheal Rich.

I am listening to my husband talk to a photo friend from grad school about being stuck in a project.  He is toying with dropping the whole thing after at least two years…it seems to be going nowhere, it is losing his interest, and does he stay with it just because he spent two years on it.

Mike asks this, “is it over? or did it just get hard?”

He has lived with a yogi too long.

I have known people to drop a serious practice because it got hard….and I am not talking about the asana’s.  When students move out of a shala into to a world where the only space for practice is the space on the mat in your house all the time…this is when you ask yourself, “what is my motivation?”  ” do I love yoga, or just the yoga people?”  It is always about the why.



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One Response to Projects

  1. Sara says:

    Yes, I love the yoga people for sure…and I miss them. I am in love with yoga somedays and it’s just hard some others…but basically I just need yoga. If I can’t practice for a while for whatever reason, I’m not myself. Yoga, even when it’s hard and lonely, makes me more me. That’s why I show up to my mat, in my house, alone.

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