on and off

This yoga stuff is hard.   When to let go and when to hold on are two very slippery exercises.  They manifest themselves in physical asana practice everyday.  I feel the two negotiating with each other with every jump through, drop back, and leg over head position.  There is effort and then the release of effort.  Just this past week as I was balancing on my hands with my head and chest lifting…”up, up, up!” my teacher was encouraging to relax, relax, relax my legs.  Somethings need to activate and somethings need to relax from action.  I tell students all the time….turn off this and turn this on.

I, as always, fell into a wee bit of the post David Keil blues this week.  In an effort to get back on track Mike and I did a juice fast, feast, or fest whatever you’d like to call it yesterday and…boy…was it hard.  I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and revived and ready to finish up my first year as a traveling yoga teacher.

I have so much to be grateful for and a really exciting year ahead…India, Scotland, Costa Rica and who knows what else is around the corner.  If my asana practice is designed to teach me something then today’s lesson is that effort and non-effort are of equal importance….OH and that watermelon juice is a gift from the gods.  Mike’s is in the Yuengling glass.

2013 is shaping up nicely….check the schedule to find out where I am teaching and drop me a line if you/your yoga studio would like a program to support practice….AND Costa Rica details VERY SOON.

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