Inadequacy of Words

I am someone who rarely struggles to find something to say….I can talk, and talk, and talk a subject to death, metaphor the #$@% of out something, and find a parallel story somewhere, someway, somehow.  If you have been following my musing of late you might be able to extract that I am in one of the cycles….you know the kind….I am doubting everything, knowing nothing and very unsure how to tread next.

It has been nearly a year (end of July) that Mike and I packed up the “RISD/PVD” years, moved to the middle of Virginia, and I embarked on a new job….traveling yoga teacher.  I am really quite proud of the tumult, the rigor and the rise…what a year.

A lot has changed since I last saw my America teacher in early November and today trying to do the seemingly impossible very few words passed between us, no technically description, no bandha talk, just me saying what I felt like was happening and him saying, “that’s the feeling” with a wee body gesture.

Words with no relationship may be useless.

building relationship may be better than building a better analogies.

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