* I will not have wheels BUT if any yoga shala/studio/or individual in the area would like some Shabda LOVE just send me an email yoga@jillmanning….starting tomorrow, “filler up!” at the prana petrol station.


OK New England…..you sent me emails asking when I was coming back to the area.  The Mysore week still has a few spots open…..this is my only NE teaching until 2013…check in and register here.

It is only about a 40 min drive from Providence, RI….(I know y’all don’t like to drive but it is the closest I am coming)…where there is no effort…there is no benefit.

Mysore Week June 18th – 22nd (only a few spaces remain)

Method and Meaning: Tools to Deepen Personal Practice June 16 & 17  1pm        $54 ($45 if in Mysore Week)

“….You have such a graceful energy–Your practice seems so effortless and light! I look forward to have more of that in my own practice! I hope it is good to be home and that we get to connect again when you return to Philly. Hari Om!…” -Philadelphia, PA

In this workshop…

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