New England

OK New England… sent me emails asking when I was coming back to the area.  The Mysore week still has a few spots open…..this is my only NE teaching until 2013…check in and register here.

It is only about a 40 min drive from Providence, RI….(I know y’all don’t like to drive but it is the closest I am coming)…where there is no effort…there is no benefit.

Mysore Week June 18th – 22nd (only a few spaces remain)

Method and Meaning: Tools to Deepen Personal Practice June 16 & 17  1pm        $54 ($45 if in Mysore Week)

“….You have such a graceful energy–Your practice seems so effortless and light! I look forward to have more of that in my own practice! I hope it is good to be home and that we get to connect again when you return to Philly. Hari Om!…” -Philadelphia, PA

In this workshop attention will be given to the design of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method as taught in Mysore, India.  We will dive deeply into the often unseen structure uncovering its beauty and simplicity as this is the heart of the method.  Learning properly the vinyasa krama along with breath pattern and dristi as the point of focus.  You will count and be counted, chant the names of the primary series asanas working with breath, bandha and focus. One of Guruji’s most repeated teachings is “99% practice 1% theory.” The suggestion here is more than just practice but practice within the tradition. What Guruji has suggested is to aim for proper practice.  The proper understanding and specific vinyasa krama, breath pattern, and drsti.This workshop will be a collage of practice, and theory filled with some really informative tips and tricks for making sense of the sequence, fettering out suggested meaning, and feeling around for the more internal aspects.This is appropriate for all levels.

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    * I will not have wheels BUT if any yoga shala/studio/or individual in the area would like some Shabda LOVE just send me an email yoga@jillmanning….starting tomorrow, “filler up!” at the prana petrol station.

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