With Mike away it is very quiet around here.  This is the 7th raw day/alone day in Farmville yesterday I felt pretty emotional and for the first time a little lonely.  The loudest sounds around here are coming from the birds in the early morning and the juicer all afternoon.

Yes, I have been working on my asana practice but over these past 7 days I has dusted off my chanting and Sanskrit practice…and boy it was pretty dusty.  Last week (which is including today) was/is focused on (maybe you could have guessed by the blog titles) the bija mantra’s vibration and meaning, grounding and expansion and also where they sit in the alphabet and all that means….and checking in with pada 1 of the Yoga Sutra.  Sometimes I can’t believe that I have memorized/internalized the first two books….starting Saturday I’ll head back into pada 2 pick it up, dust it off, and one of my goals before leaving for Mysore is to have the 3rd pretty well worked on…so that I can hit that beautiful dusty Indian earth running.

Most importantly I need a new book suggestion.  I finally finished 1Q84!!!  Please suggest something that does not have nearly 1200 pages….thanks.


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