(un) popular

“I don’t want my yoga to entertain me, I want my yoga to transform me” – Antonella Accinelli

Maybe because I was unpopular in high school I have no problem with it today.  Outside the Ashtanga community most of what I have to say as a student and teacher goes over….well….it doesn’t really go over.  Not too many people want to hear that jumping from class to class, teacher to teacher in search of endless variety and various forms of ridiculous distraction and entertainment isn’t really going to put you on a trajectory to a yogic state.  That your garden variety 200 hour yoga alliance sanctioned teacher training program may be nothing but rubbish and that most “teachers” aren’t really engaging in a daily personal practice or have a teacher that directs their progress/allows for those all important mid-course corrections.

It is a bit lonely being unafraid of the hard parts of yoga, not settling for the peripheral material and unapologetically aiming for the center so that there can be resonance with the point of this whole dance.

Somehow this unpopular position has rewarded me with JOY and CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION (just like in Archbishop Wood High School) because I have been brought closer to my highest self.  So…..I say explore, test, shop around but do search for a process that you can give yourself over to and please everyone can we start caring more actual playfulness and less about playlists.

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2 Responses to (un) popular

  1. ayKim says:

    JM – might I be the first and possibly the only to comment on this – because I hear you loud and clear on the unpopular front. This Ashtanga practice, these Ashtanga students, these Ashtanga teachers are a rare breed (even with more students than ever at the shala in Mysore!) There is such understanding to this practice that takes time to hone…and in this world, not much patience given to get over the hump, the learning curve of the seeming ‘effort & routine’. But it’s just over the horizon, this practice of the soul – and a playlist of breath. Thanks for all your words

  2. Kim,
    I am always sort of shocked (in a good way) when anyone leaves a note. Thanks for your words….and the image of the playlist of breath….so simple but at the same time incredibly revealing. Those who take up this practice even for a short time come in direct contact with the breath, the mind, and the challenges that come from sitting with yourself exactly as you are right now.

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