3 days maintenance 5/6 days to transform

….although it is hard (even for a yoga teacher) I’ll take the transformation route.

you can read the whole post here.

“We recognize the importance of daily cleansing. We wash the dishes and our clothes. Ashtanga Yoga is the daily cleansing of the mind. In order to understand the subtleties and move beyond the gross, a daily practice is done. In the same way you brush your teeth and scrub your bum. Ashtanga Yoga cleanses away the dirt of negative thoughts, doubts, anger and self hatred. A tiny exorcism. This is crucial for all humans. No one is too busy for these minor miracles. Your family and loved ones will thank you. 

I ask students to commit to the practice because that is how they will deeply and truly benefit. Of course I lose potential students. They’re afraid of ‘my’ strict policy.  It’s not actually my policy. It’s how Mysore teachers were taught and how they were instructed to teach (if students of Pattabhi Jois). Guruji asked his teachers to teach as he taught us. He didn’t ask us to translate or interpret or modify, blend styles or create our own styles. He said teach as I taught you. It is not out of laziness but out of respect. I gave my verbal and written word to transmit the teachings as they were passed down to me. That is the honor everyday. That is a blessing. There are plenty of studios that will take your money without asking you to show up. I will ask you to show up every day and please bring your head and heart with you.”   MZ

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