practice is as strong as ever.  yesterday to ‘beat’ this crankiness that feels like it has been trapped in my body since last week I decided to take on a long  practice….like pretty darn long.  I immediately felt better but as the day progressed (and  my day starts really early this week) it returned this crankiness, and stuck/stagnant feeling.  I wish that I could figure out what it is all about.  Some anxiety has even returned about waking so early.

The ‘yoga teacher’ sometimes is a lonely place.  I think that students imagine my perfect practice life and real life full of lotus walks and green juices.  Teaching this week is the only time that I feel really whole and integrated so for that I am thankful.  A long time student from Philly who I had not seen for several years wrote me an email at exactly this time last year.  I remembered this and looked back for some Shakti support and insight into why I teach.

‘You inspire me. As my teacher, you inspired me to trust… to experiment… to excellence. Not in that… I have to be the best kind of excellence, but ‘the who knows how far i can go’ kind. Over the years, I have checked in with your website and and blog, and over the past few months have been following your blog with interest as your recounted your experience in Mysore. It reminded me of what I love about your teaching. Though reading your words I find that I share some part of your experience, at least I feel like I connect to the intent of what you express and often it encourages me to reflect on my life.’

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