is unsteady the new steady?

After the Tim Miller weekend I felt two things:

1.  in great company

2. very lonely

It is strange…I grew up on team solo Ashtangi.  Sure I have had practice partner here and there, for some small amount of time, but all in all it has been just me in the States and with the whole world in Mysore.

The post my husband in grad school year is coming a close and so many things have changed.  I live in a small suitcase and receive my mail in a small town.  I am steady and having success being an ‘on the road’ yoga teacher and also more unsure than ever about the ‘shape’ of this world and how/where I fit it…….

…so I just keep practicing and teaching.  I am currently in my NOVA home teaching at Little River Yoga for the week… come on over and see me in the dark and early.

May is coming….and May is going to be a month dedicated mantra and meditation more than anything….what you be working on blooming this May?

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2 Responses to is unsteady the new steady?

  1. Christine says:

    Ahhh…as a fellow “solo Ashtangi” I am so so familiar with that feeling…alone on the path, but simultaneously sharing it with amazingly great company! So much of the practice and the “practice life” seems full of paradox and contradiction 🙂

  2. Christine,
    thanks for this. I am feeling a bit better and yes contradiction is there.

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