“Yoga Search”

I, like many yoga students/teachers have been frustrated with the “in and out burger” approach to yoga teacher training.  While I was in Arlington in March a women told me she had learned more about yoga in a wee three hour workshop with than so far in the middle (!) of her 2oo hour Yoga Alliance sanctioned TT program.

this is not correct method.

And while I might like a $250 gift certificate to a fancy pants yoga clothing store I feel…just…yucky about the YJ approach to their “talent search.”  Seriously.  All we need now is Ed McMahon asking the judges how many stars for that asana.

This morning I came across this and once again I felt not alone in keeping the bar held high….yoga is hard, practice requires letting go, and to be a student and solid teacher can’t be judged by a glossy asana photo in a “talent” competition.


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One Response to “Yoga Search”

  1. werddc says:


    I can’t agree with you more. After my Sharath/Saraswathi workshop in NYC this past weekend, I sat down for a breakfast juice afterwards and contemplated this exact topic. It was inspiring to see so many authorized and certified teachers practicing beside me. The level of commitment and dedication to recieve such a designation by KPJAYI is, I believe, the correct method. Yoga, at it’s heart and core, is medicine. Why would I want a “doctor” that paid a significant amount of money, and spent 2 days being bombarded with material and sent off with a certificate to instruct me?

    Instead, I want a teacher that has deligently committed to the practice at the Source, falling and tumbling early on, just like me, but has committed to the practice over many, many years.

    When I first began yoga (power yoga class), I was encouraged to sign up for teacher-training. It was my first week. I recall thinking, “How odd..I just started, how could I possibly teach?”

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