Pattern and Purpose


“I could stare at a pattern indefinitely.” artist

“me too” -citymouse

Last night I went to another artist talk.  This artist was also a ceramasist.  Again, he talked about pattern, purpose, form and function, design, and simplicity.  Again I though about the method.  I haven’t been able to process much lately but practice has been strong, steady, and joyful even in my in between life.

Things I am looking forward to

*my first casual conversation with a not so casual Ashtangi Friday morning! and blog to follow

* Tim Miller workshop in C’ville next weekend

*returning to teach one week in Arlington at Little River Yoga 28 April -5 May

* 6 year wedding anniversary get a way to Asheville, NC

*finally buying a juicer

*feeling more raw and less cooked

* more love

*seeing my American teacher in June

*6th trip to Ma India in July

*more teaching opportunities flowing me way

*continuing to stare and be with pattern

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