It is always hard for me to write about yoga, the process, and teaching while I am in the middle of it all.  One woman in Arlington said to me that every time I taught she heard like 100 blogs/teaching topics/insights fall from me…..she is right.  This is why yoga is called a living tradition.  I get the most from my teachers when I am right there in the practice room with them.  My teacher David writes great/informative/interesting blogs about yoga/practice/anatomy/and the qualities of a balanced practice, but after 6 and 1/2 years working with him I can honestly say, being in the room with him for 5 days gives the student (or at least me) 6 months of material to chew on and draw from.

5 days—-6 months of inquiry

Sharath said in conference one year that one month in Mysore was equal to one year of practice at home.  Yes!  I feel that.  I am still digesting the three month trip I made in 2011 and I get ready for my 2012 trip which may only be one month ( luckily my teaching schedule is very bountiful) I am reminding myself of the power of focused effort and attention.


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