pool Jill

As part of my new mission of loving and celebrating where I live and living love ( I know that sounds really hippie) I have decided to have a weekly feature.  This week on this moon day, an Ashtangi’s day of rest, a trip to the local YMCA’s pool.  If you read the wee interview I gave for Little River Yoga when asked about my other interest besides yoga the cited my favorite exercise swimming.  My dream is to live somewhere that every morning I can put on my bathing suit under my outfit for the day.  Swimming is my sanity.  Swimming with my husband has served over the years as a great way to exercise together but more importantly a bit of hydro therapy.  Here in Farmville we have access to this brand new, beautiful facility and unlike the pool in Roxborough it is nearly always empty.  Mike and I can be found dog paddling and chatting away about the day, our future plans, and most importantly what is weighing on our mind all in the buoyant healing waters at the Southside YMCA.

Mike is leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow which will give me some time to prepare deeply for my upcoming trip to Little River Yoga.

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2 Responses to pool Jill

  1. Sinead says:

    So awesome. Though I have to warn you – I embarked on a similar “fall in love with where I live” project two years ago, and it worked a little too well.

  2. Sinead I don’t believe you had to teach yourself to love Edinburgh….but if you say so.

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