wee interview

Thanks Stair for putting this together.  I am really looking forward to all the teaching/events at Little River Yoga.
As many of you know, Jill will be joining us for 2 full weeks of morning Mysore practice, chanting and an adjustments workshopPlease take advantage of these awesome opportunities to become more established in your Ashtanga practice and develop and understand a second practice of chanting.

What brought you to ashtanga yoga and what kept you there?  David Keil brought Ashtanga Yoga to me, right to my (yoga) doorstep in Philadelphia.  At that time in my life it all made sense, the pieces that I was struggling to fit into a puzzle suddenly slid right into place.  The simplicity of the method with the infinite complexities appealed to not only my physical sense of practice but also engaged and quieted my mind.  What kept/keeps me there is that I have seen/felt/experienced directly that what was once was impossible has become possible, what is possible becomes firmly established through practice, the practiced is then polished, and the polished perfected. Through this practice my whole life has been changed.

Who are your teachers?
David Keil, Sharath Jois, Guruji and the method itself.

What is the importance of a daily practice?   It is the basis of all knowledge.  It is the base at which the teacher teaches with an authentic voice.  They say the experience is the transformation…so no experience…. no transformation. A daily practice is EVERYTHING!

Why is chanting useful/important along with an asana practice? As a student and a teacher of yoga there is no difference in the way I practice the movement of the body and the movement of sound.  The study of these aspects of yoga simultaneously has led me to understand the tradition of yoga more fully, to teach with more clarity, and to sit in a state of yoga more readily. I often call these reflective practices.

What other hobbies/interests/passions do you have?

I love to swim.  My husband and I swim together. I swear it is better than therapy. I love to read, and I am not talking about yoga stuff.  Right now I am in the middle of Haruki Murakami’s  epic 1Q84.  I am also really passionate about pets: adopting and rescuing.

You can read more about Jill at www.JillManning.com and enjoy a wonderful video made recently by her students and friends at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6axxKkugOg&feature=email

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