love, marriage, and yoga

My husband and I touched down in snowy Virginia yesterday afternoon after a brief but amazing trip to Miami.  Many people assume that I have been to this lovely south Florida hot spot because it is where my American yoga teacher lives when he is not on the road.  It was the occasion of my husband’s BFF wedding that brought us way down south.  Now I know why David is freezing in April in Philadelphia……a bikini and tan lines in February.  After a really long day of travel on Thursday I was picked up by my yoga teachers wife (also an authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher) and brought to her Friday morning led primary.  I haven’t practiced a traditionally counted, in a room with a teacher since Mysore last March.  Gretchen Suarez in not playing.  The count was slow and steady.  Her command of the group impressive and her hold at the catavari was a killer.  This morning in practice I could still feel my hip flexors.  I have practiced in the same room with Gretchen several times and now I understand her strength… is pretty impressive.

To my surprise David was coming back to Miami later that day and Mike and I went for some chit chat, coffee and some dog love.   It was a very lovely surprise indeed.  The weekend was incredibly beautiful and as attending a wedding ceremony can be very romantic for a married couple.  I wish that I had more to say about the nature of love, marriage and yoga.  That title just popped into my head as the theme for the week…..all synonyms of each other.

you should love you chosen practice, teacher, method.

you should feel committed to the practice…no more dating….you are married (at least for now.)

two thing must come together for there to be a yoga, a union.  Division is impossible only addition is there.



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