Relish the Real

Tucked away in my wee yoga room I have decided since that today is a travel day I am practicing primary series.  Outside the room I can hear my dogs barking as they can feel their belongings being all packed away for a “vacation” to  the kennel.  My husband, I can hear fumbling and mumbling around the house.  He isn’t feeling so great this morning and he has a day of teaching in front of him before we set sail on our Miami adventure where he is practically the best man with speeches to give, a ceremony to direct, and be his all around charming self.  Right after finishing maricasana B on the second side my yoga vault pops open and there it is….the face of a stressed out man, the love of my life.  He says “can you take me to school and pick me up our flight is earlier than I thought.  I say, ‘give me 5 minutes.’  I jump-back and then jump to sit bind, breathe, lift up, and lie down… Mississippi, two Mississippi etc…..

That’s practice.  That’s life.  The overall sense I got from the students at Bristo was that I was a practical and patient teacher.  This was a revelation to most of them.  I am proud to be a practical Ashtangi one who is blessed to have a big, complex, textured life.  Sure I relish the time I spend in Mysore, India every year basking in the selfishness of it all so that I can be a giving teacher, a patient mentor, and a gracious wife.  Manorama says, “if you take one step toward the point, the point will take ten toward you.”  I say then you better know the point of practice……here is a hint, the point of practice is to get better at postures…..or at least that is not my point anyway.

next stop city mouse in Miami practicing with the lovely Gretchen Suarez.

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