Practicing Love in Farmville

Ok I get it.  I am the one who says, “practice means repeat; what are you repeating?”  So going on and on about how much I dislike a place, especially the place that I live in is just not want I want to be practicing.  I am practicing something different.  I am undertaking the project of falling in love with Farmville, VA.  How bad can Farmville be, Mike and I enjoyed a great Japanese Valentines dinner last night (see big seaweed salad.)  Here are some other things that I am falling in love with:

#1 my husband again and again.  Just last night as I was in a jet lag haze in bed he cuddled up to me with the laptop and read me all the reviews of juicers that he could find.  He read them with interest and excitement.  It was the sweetest lullaby.  I am really lucky.

#2 cooking.  It isn’t about having the answers it is about knowing where to find the answers.  Trying to get going on the cooking front can be a bit daunting, right?  Typing into google, “great vegan recipes” yields too much and isn’t very helpful.  I am again following my own advice and keeping it simple and going with a reliable source.  Right now as I type this I have beets roasting in the oven for roasted beet humus again courtesy of my sister, The Oyster Evangelist.

Having a bright yellow apron sent (picked up actually) from a supportive and loving friend also helps a lot.

#3 meditation.  Diane Lagadec of Maha Yoga gave me a guided CD called, Quiet Breath meditation for beginners.  It has been so helpful.  Sometimes when I am very far away from home I spiral into mini to large panics about any number of things.  Having this CD handy has planted the wee seed of formal seated meditation.

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2 Responses to Practicing Love in Farmville

  1. Sandra says:

    Bless you for being so honest about the mind when you travel. A great resource for cooking – – my husband uses it ALL THE TIME. You can type in the ingredient you have and even ingredients you don’t want or like and it will spider the web for you – pulling up tons of recipes from different sources. It’s lovely. ENJOY and welcome home.

  2. Thanks Sandra for the web/recipe info and the warm welcome home. It feels great being back in the USA although as you might have been able to tell I LOVED Scotland, the work, and the friends I made there. ❤ Jill (city mouse)

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