first days back photos

….so city mouse is back in the country.  As I told some close companions I have a new Farmville manifesto.  While I am not on the road traveling teaching which seems to be the way I teach nowadays I am determined to make friends with my inner country mouse.  Yesterday, my first day back was spent reading, practicing, working on my ever-expanding schedule, and creating a home environment that will support and nourish.  I bought a juicer, some organic produce, I made a special altar for my practice space and burned some sage.  The last time I practiced in that space I was caught in a vortex of suffering physically, mentally, emotionally… every way possible.  I also started cooking.  I put my special apron on (thanks Tova!) and checked in with my sister’s cooking blog and whipped up some delicious vegan tomato bisque.

I am still processing the life changing start to 2012.  But today is Valentines Day so I am sending love and light to all beings everywhere and intentions for those who are suffering that they may have some relief soon.

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