ask the whys…please

Over the last 6 weeks here in Edinburgh I have had the privilege of teaching Mysore style classes daily (except Saturday’s of course.)  I have seen the very experienced, students who have had a longer practice/relationship with this method than me, students who are still in their first year of practice, and students who came into the shala with absolutely no clue where to begin/what they might be signing up for if even for only one practice.  It has been very powerful.  I said this to a lovely student yesterday that this may be the best and greatest teaching experience I have had yet…..nearly 12 full years into teaching….that is no small thing.

I have been asked repeatedly two major why questions.

#1 why do we have to practice in the morning?

I have been able to figure out (only through practice of course) that this is a house holders practice. First fill up at the prana petrol station.  We all have very big lives and we practice first to move onto and into those big lives supported by the power/magic/juice/zazz of practice.  Also I have been very fond of saying lately that, “what one perceives as the biggest obstacle to practice is in reality that thing that removes all the other obstacles.”  The point being you practice in the morning and then nothing jams up your after work practice/class… big lunches, no last-minute after work meetings/emails that need to be tended to…..

LESSON—-what you think is an obstacle frees you from all the other potential obstacles….ahhh that may be why yoga is often referred to as the ‘discipline of freedom.”

#2 Why do I (Jill Manning) practice in this method/lineage of yoga?

This is a huge question and I am really glad that students are asking me so that I can ask myself….here is what has bubbled to the surface.

a.) I am good company.  I stand in line that includes my American teacher, his teacher John Scott, our teachers Guruji and Sharath, and their teacher T. Krishnamacharya….and many, many others of sound body and mind.  I am proud, no honored to be a teacher in this lineage.

b.) I have seen/felt/experienced directly that what was once was impossible has become possible, what is possible become firmly established through practice, the practice is polished,and the polished perfected…..FULL STOP.

c.) through this practice my whole life has been changed.

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